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Apharan (2022) Season 2 – TV Series

This time the game is set not in India but in Serbia. Rudra Shrivastav a celebrated cop of the Indian Police is back on duty but things are worse at home; his beloved wife Ranjana has become addicted to drugs and Rudra finds it hard to create a work/home balance. This is when Bhandari a RAW agent approaches Rudra to join him on a mission to nab BBS (Bir Bhaddur Shah) a dreaded criminal who is set to eliminate India from the map of the world; the only catch is that no one has ever seen BBS. He is dreaded, ruthless and elusive but the Indian Intelligence believes that Rudra Shrivastav with his unique set of skills can get to BBS and kidnap him to bring him to justice.

Duration: 24 min


IMDb: 8.4