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Love All (2023)

Story of Siddharth, a small-city boy, begins at a dilapidated Railways’ quarter granted to his mother, after his father’s death, as one of the few perks associated with a railway job. Siddharth, though not living a life with even moderate means, finds it exciting being a promising Badminton player with all sports-lover in the city looking at him as a future champion. Destiny had different plans though, where an injury and inability to bear hefty treatment bills shatter his dreams to pursue Badminton professionally. Siddharth, the sportsman, succumbs to sports politics and takes up a menial job moving away from the city to live an ordinary life; far from the sport he was once inseparable from. Disgruntled by rejection and neglect from the people in power, he turns into a bitter and aloof person; a far cry from what he used to be in his playing days. The hopelessness emanating from not able to play the sport he was so passionate about makes some noticeable scars on his psyche while he moves on with his life, blaming sports for all which is bad in his world. His agony and resulting hatred for sports trickles down on his family and his son is forbidden to pursue sports, or for that matter any activity digressing him from the established path of studies. Believing that saving his son from sports is the only way to ensure a life of dignity and respect for him. However, the circle of life brings him back again to the city he thought he would never return, to the people he thought he would never see, and to the sport, he thought he would never be a part again. This turn of events require him to make some life-altering choices and an opportunity of redemption

Duration: 2h 09min

Quality: CAM


IMDb: 6