Ashes on a road trip (Karkhanisanchi Waari) (2021)

Karkhanis family is the last joint family in Pune. When the eldest brother, Purushottam passes away, it is his last wish that his ashes be scattered in 3 different locations – the ancestral house, the family farm and the Chandrabhaga river in Pandharpur. He leaves an envelope for the family, which is to be opened post the dispersion of his ashes. Purushottam’s three surviving brothers – Satish, Pradeep and Ajit; his sister – Sadhana and his son, Om set out on a journey from Pune to Pandharpur in the family Omni to fulfill his last wish. Along the way, they have several comedic adventures and inter-familial conflicts, resulting in both hilarious and poignant outcomes. Each of the characters keeps wondering what is in the envelope that Purushottam has left for them and hopes that it involves distribution of the family’s financial assets that could help them lead the rest of their lives in a comfortable manner. Om’s girlfriend, Madhuri keeps following the Omni, on her bike, in an effort to convince Om to marry her. Meanwhile, Purushottam’s wife, Indira discovers a mysterious joint bank account and undertakes a solo trip from Pune to Dehu to unravel a 20-year old secret.